10 Thoughts on the Remainder of the 2018 World Series

It has taken me a good week to figure out what I want to say about the 2018 World Series. I felt like the Dodgers went from being up 4-0 in Game 4 to having the whole Series fall apart. Congrats to the Red Sox. The balled out and their bullpen was just straight nasty.

Here are my 10 Thoughts:
  1. The Red Sox were terrors throughout the playoffs when hitting with two outs. This season, the Red Sox had five of the top fifty hitters with two outs. There is nothing more heartbreaking than giving up runs after you have battled to get two outs in an inning.
  2. The Red Sox bullpen was lights out. Going into the Series, I thought the Dodgers had the better bullpen. However, the Sox bullpen, with the addition of Nathan Eovaldi, was flat dominant.
  3. David Price got the playoffs monkey off of his back. He went 2-0 in the Series with a 2.12 ERA. Price was 1-8 in the ALDS in his career.
  4. I predicted that Mookie Betts or Yasiel Puig would be the MVP of the Series. Steve Pearce was the Series MVP and his timely and game-winning home runs are just another product of Boston\’s clutch hitting with two outs.
  5. One of the most surprising things to me was the Red Sox won the Series without a dominant outing from Chris Sale. He pitched five innings and had a 5.40 ERA. He was their ace all season and he really didn\’t have the impact I was expecting him to have.
  6. While the Red Sox bullpen shortened the game, the Dodgers bullpen was good and not great. The question coming into the beginning of the season was whether the Dodgers had made any moves to strengthen their bullpen. They let Tony Watson and Brando Morrow go in free agency. Then they signed Tom Koehler and he immediately got injured. They tried to bring in Ryan Madsen but he was no replacement for Brandon Morrow. The Dodgers\’ lack of addressing this problem didn\’t really expose itself until the Series. The bullpen was good enough during the playoffs that I forgot it was the weak link. A weak bullpen and a team that is super clutch with two outs is a bad combination.
  7. Walker Buehler was outstanding in his one and only appearance in the World Series. He should have had the win. Buehler and Julio Arias make me excited for the Dodgers starting rotation next year.
  8. Rich Hill was amazing in Game 4 as well. Too bad there was some kind misunderstanding between Hill and Dave Roberts. Essentially, Hill took himself out of the game.
  9. I am not sure what this Series means for the legacy of Clayton Kershaw. He was 0-2 with 7.36 ERA in the Series. He was 2-3 with a 5.40 ERA in the playoffs. Now that David Price has the monkey off of his back, Kershaw\’s lack of playoff success has only been magnified.
  10.  Before the Series, I predicted the Dodgers depth would be the deciding factor. That depth could not overcome the bullpen errors and the Red Sox bullpen dominance.

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