10 Thoughts for the Week of October 11, 2020



On Thursday, the FBI charged six men with conspiracy to kidnap Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer. Whitmer’s strong response to COVID caught the ire of the conservative militias. I read an article about this militia movement and it made me consider the possibility of a civil war for the first time. These militias believe that such a war is inevitable and I am feeling like I am behind.


This past week, the NFL announced sixteen players who had tested positive for COVID. The biggest names were Cam Newton and Stephen Gilmore of the New England Patriots. Games have been postponed and rescheduled. I am a fan of Tuesday night football and I think it is good there have been no fatalities from the illness.

The positive tests seemed almost inevitable when you considered the NFL was not going to play in a bubble like the NBA and the MLB playoffs.

The NFL is a $3 billion industry so it will take multiple deaths to put an end to the season. Especially when they can postpone.


When I think of the VP debate on Wednesday, I think I want to answer questions by answering something totally different. I wonder if you can do that in real life. All you have to do is say “that’s a great question” and then you can talk about whatever you want to talk about.

That would have been ok if Vice President Pence didn’t make a scene by constantly speaking over his time limit.

I didn’t think either person won the debate. It was not an event that was going to change peoples’ minds.


As a fan of A Tribe Called Quest and the Pharcyde, I had to put this song as one of the best things I heard this week. It is a mash-up of two of my favorite songs of all time.


Afters years of frustration and futility, the Lakers are back on top. Lebron James and Anthony Davis brought the star power. Rajon Rondo, KCP and Adam Caruso came up with the timely plays to seal the deal. This series was a war until Game 6. Hats off to the Heat for a valiant effort. They are going to be battling for titles for the next couple of years.

The Lakers got back on top the Laker way, they brought in the best free agent who can lift the team to the top. They tried it with the draft and player development but that is not the Laker way. It was good to have all that young talent to trade away for Anthony Davis.


I am excited for the Dodgers as they are back in the National League Championship Series. The Padres tried to give them a battle, but it was a dominant win. The hitting and the starting pitching are top line. The fact they don’t have a lights out closer is a little scary. They are the best team on paper and I worry the pressure is on them to win it all.


Violets, by Bud Smith, is a great story about the ups and downs of marriage and the spark that changes everything.


It is hard for me to take the college football ranking seriously when half the teams haven’t played yet or are not playing at all. It is hard for me to believe Cincinnati is ranked eleventh in the country. 


The rate of COVID cases has surged back up to almost 50,000 new cases a day. Explain it any way you want.


Congrats to Rafael Nadal who won his 10th Grand Slam Title by winning the French Open. Nadal is truly a legend. He is also not the cookie-cutter tennis player. He was a rival of Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. While there are no great American players, this is a great era of tennis.

10 Thoughts on USC v. Notre Dame:

USC got smoked by Notre Dame 49-14. It was an overall despicable game. I was looking forward to a battle between highly ranked teams. It was super discouraging to see USC shot the bed.

  1. In the beginning of the game, the Notre Dame offense was nothing but sweeps and fades. They had so much success that they were able to pound it up the middle for the rest of the game.
  2. Listening to Mike Tirico and Doug Flutie suck on the tit of Notre Dame made me sick to my stomach.
  3. Sam Darnold is schizophrenic. He is brilliant and incompetent all in the same drives. He is so talented it is maddening. Then he has two more turnovers.
  4. USC needed a big game from RoJo. He had been the bellcow the last couple of weeks. Notre Dame shut him down. USC had -4 yard rushing in the first half.
  5. USC had so many mistakes, I am not sure whether Notre Dame beat them or they beat themselves.
  6. The Jack Jones punt flub was a punch in the belly.
  7. Brandon Winbush looked like Vince Young in the Rose Bowl in 2006.
  8. The receiving corps showed up big; but it was not enough. Steven Mitchell had some big plays. Deontay Burnett had the touchdowns.
  9. Uchenno Nwosu didn’t make the impact he normally does. He didn’t have a sack or even a batted pass.
  10. I am not sure why the defense never changed their game plan. They looked like they did not plan to face a running quarterback. Maybe they were too worn out by the turnovers and offensive inefficiency to fight back.

10 Thoughts on the Oregon State v. USC Game:

Bounce back game for USC.

  1. The more I watch USC football, the more I realize that Ronald Jones is the core of the offense. He should be the bell cow and carry the ball 25 times a game.
  2. Tyler Vaughns was featured on UCS’s first possession. He caught 3 passes including the team’s first touochdown.
  3. Jack Jones got another interception. He is slowly making a claim for best cornerback in the country.
  4. Oregon State looked out of sync early. They were shooting themselves in the foot on a consistent basis.
  5. USC had four more turnovers. Three fumbles (two by Sam Darnold) and an interception.
  6. You gotta love Rasheed Green. He stuffs the middle against the run and he puts pressure on the quarterback.
  7. Oregon State could not take advantage of the turnover when they missed field goals.
  8. Seth Collins is the one player on Oregon State who looked he was a real player. He made big play after big play.
  9. Matt Fink’s 51-yard run was very impressive. I am very excited about USC’s future.
  10. I was very happy that Jake Olsen got to make another appearance.