10 Thoughts for the Week of September 27, 2020



The most insane thing to pop up this week was the state of Kentucky’s refusal to charge any of the officers who shot Breonna Taylor with murder. Ms. Taylor was shot ten times and there was no charge. The only charge was a wanton recklessness for the three bullets that went through her walls into her white neighbors apartment. 

With no charge for the death of Ms. Taylor, the wanton recklessness charge feels like a slap in the face. As Derrick Johson of the NAACP said “the justice system has failed us”. He forgot to put “again” at the end of that sentence.


The Republican superstar and attorney general of Kentucky made sure to claim he could not find facts for murder. The Mitch McConnell protege made sure to say that mob justice was not justice. What Mr Cameron fails to recognize is the same “mob justice” was used to break the back of Jim Crow in the 1950’s and 60’s.


The Las Vegas Raiders opened their new stadium with a very impressive win over the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football. It was a signature win of the second Jon Gruden Era.


Michael Jordan (The GOAT) has started a NASCAR team with Bubba Wallace as the driver. This is a big move for Jordan and it feels like he is kicking the hornet’s nest. I hope he is a better NASCAR team owner than he is a NBA team owner.


Disney announced they were going to back up the release date of the Black Widow movie to some time next year. This is disappointing because it delays the next chapter in the MCU. Disney is delaying it because they want the money that comes from showing it in movie theaters. With all that is going on, why not give it Premiere Access like Mulan? I wouldn’t pay $30 for Mulan but I would for Black Widow.I believe Star Wars and Marvel are cultural property. Disney should not be able to exploit them for profits. Just my feeling.


I read an article in the New Yorker about the Michigan Militia and a barber who refused to close his business during the government imposed shutdown. His supporters claim he is the Rosa Parks of the pandemic. He compared the government control to the Third Reich and he was not going to be a Jew who naively walked into a freight train and to certain death.

I am not sure how refusing to shutter your business to prevent the spread of deadly virus is the same as refusing to move to the back of the bus to protest a system that made black people second class citizens. I am also not sure how it compares to the extermination of a race of people.


I also read an article about Trump’s war against critical race theory. The biggest tenant of critical race theory is that America must reckon with how its values and institutions feed into racism. First Trump issued an executive order banning federal contractors from conducting racial sensitivity training, emphasizing his desire to stop “efforts to indoctrinate government employees with divisive and harmful sex- and race-based ideologies”.

He also believes it is attacking our “patriotic education.” I guess the truth is a dangerous thing.


The Kanye West for President campaign made stops in Jamaica and Haiti last week. In Hait, he said he came to “complete the revolution and rebuild Haiti”. As someone who has spent some time in Haiti, I am grateful someone is giving it some attention. I love the island of Haiti and it breaks my heart all at the same time.

9. THE U

The University of Miami is back in the AP Top 10 (for what it is worth) after spanking the Florida State Seminoles 52-10. There have been many false sightings of the return of “The U”. I have been a sucker for some of them and skeptical of others. This time may be legit. They have a real quarterback and the defense was dynamite.


The Lakers have returned to the Finals for the first time since the Kobe Bryant Era. This would be a great year to win to honor Kobe. They will face the Miami Heat who are more formidable than anyone believed pre-bubble. The Heat actually scare me because of people like Tyler Herro and Goran Dragic will be the X-factors in this series.

Hannity is A Tycoon, Racial Bias Training at Starbucks & A Pardon for Jack Johnson – 10 Thoughts for the Week of April 16 to April 22

This week, I had my share of events and I was glad to make it to my Sunday nap. The delay in the publishing of this post comes from working on a sports podcast with my son. Here are my 10 thoughts for this week:

  1. 24-Hour News Cycle Update – The last couple of weeks, I have used this blog to try to help me keep unforgettable things in my mind.
    • Puerto Rico – There was professional baseball played in Puerto Rico. There were quite a few Puerto Ricans were there to represent their teams. There was also a power outage that left more than 50,000 people without electricity.
    • Syria – We bombed Syria last week and then everything is quiet.
    • Ryan Seacrest – All quiet on the Western Front.
  2. Sean Hannity is a Michael Cohen Client – Somehow it is not surprising that Cohen testified that he represented Michael Cohen. Hannity tried to make it sound like its not a big deal. Later it was discovered that Hannity is a mini-Trump who owns hundreds of property.
  3. Racial Bias Training at Starbucks – Bravo to Starbucks for closing all their stores on May 29 for a day of racial bias training. While it took a terrible incident to get there, maybe a fairly nationwide training session will go a long way.
  4. NBA Playoffs – Here are some thoughts from the 1st Round of the NBA Playoffs.
    • Toronto Raptors and the Washington Wizards are going to go seven games and there is a weird chance the Wizards will win.
    • I am pulling for the Greek Freak even though it is cool to see the Young Celtics play some real ball. They are going to be a force for a long time.
    • The Sixers are the new favorites to represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals. The Heat are a good team, but they are a star short.
    • Lebron James is playing the best basketball of his life and it is barely enough to beat the Pacers. 
    • James Harden is going to have to play like an MVP for the Rockets to put the Wolves down.
    • The Warriors will have no problem beating the Spurs without Steph Curry. I appreciate Manu Ginobli  balling out at his age. His passion for the game is an inspiration.
    • The Pelicans demolished the Blazers. Playoff Rondo, the Brow and Jrue are playing like their own super team right now.
    • The Jazz are a good team and the Thunder are a smorgasbord of talented parts. As I said in my preview of the 1st Round of NBA Playoffs, Melo is the key and he is a shell of his former self.
  5. NFL Mock Draft- Top 10 – Thursday’s draft is going to be interesting. They say more people watch the draft than watch the final round of the Masters. The Browns have the first pick and they are notorious at picking quarterbacks. Therefore with my latest mock draft, I take the choice out of the Browns hands.
    1. CLE – Saquan Barkley – The best athlete in the draft. A can’t miss prospect.
    2. NYG – Bradley Chubb – The Giants always build on their defensive line.
    3. NYJ – Josh Rosen – The Jets get their quarterback of the future.
    4. CLE – Sam Darnold – The Browns get the quarterback they wanted.
    5. BUF – Josh Allen – The Bills move up and get their quarterback.
    6. IND – Quenton Nelson – The can’t miss guy to protect Andrew Luck.
    7. ARI – Lamar Jackson – The Cardinals move up to get a quarterback.
    8. CHI – Derwin James – The Bears get an impact guy for their defense.
    9. SF – Tremaine Edmunds – Niners get a Rueben Foster replacement.
    10. OAK – Roquan Smith – The Raiders get another piece for their defense.
  6. Genesis 11:31 – In my bible study this week, Terah’s, Abraham’s father, gets a chance to take his family to the land of Canaan and he stops short. Then a verse later, one of the most epic verses in the bible, Abram gets his call to go to the land of Canaan. I was wondering if Terah got a similar call and didn’t see it through.
  7. Tennessee House Votes to Withhold Funds From Memphis – The Tennessee House votes to withhold funds from the city of Memphis because they tried to take down two Confederate statues, and when the House refused, the city sold the park to a non-profit that took down the Confederate statues.
  8. Gorsuch Votes With the Good Guys on Immigration – A Trump nominated Supreme Court Justice put a smack down to the administration’s immigration policy because the law was “too vague”.
  9. Trump May Pardon Jack Johnson – After a telephone call with Sylvester Stallone, President Trump is in favor of pardoning Jack Johnson. Knowing how Trump changes his mind, this will not happen. However, after seeing Unforgivable Blackness, I would love to see Jack Johnson pardoned.
  10. What Happened to Harriet Tubman on the $20? – I read an article about what is going on with the Harriet Tubman $20 bill. The bill is supposed to go into circulation in 2020. I doubt that Trump is going to let that happen. He is an Andrew Jackson man.

10 Thoughts on Week 5 NFL Games:

  • Aaron Rodgers beats the Cowboys again.
  • The Giants are done. They are 0-5. They have no receivers. OBJ is done for the rest of the season. They play Denver this week and Seattle next week. They are looking at at least 0-7. They should tank for Sam Darnold.
  • The Raiders are in a tailspin. They have no Derrek Carr. Marshawn Lynch is not what he was billed to be. The defense is worse than anyone expected. They have lost three in a row and they made Baltimore look like the best offense in the NFL.
  • Ben Rothlesberger threw five interceptions including two pick-sixes. Pittsburgh has the talent to turn things around. I just don’t know if they have discipline and mental toughness to play ball.
  • Super Cam Newton is back. For the second week in a row, Cam was the best player on the field. If he keeps this up, Carolina is very dangerous.
  • The Chiefs are going to challenge for 16-0 as long as everyone stays healthy. No one can stop their offense and their defense is above average. Alex Smith is playing like an MVP and Kareem Hunt is leading the league in rushing by a 143 yards.
  • DeShaun Watson threw five touchdowns. He continues to rise to the occasion. While the Texans did not beat the Chiefs, they put up a big fight and  showed they can play with the best team in the NFL.
  • Mike Pence’s political stunt ruined Peyton Manning’s statue ceremony in Indianapolis. I hope Trump’s golf-buddy gives him an ear-full.
  • The Rams are not legit yet. They had a chance against the Seahawks; but they had five turnovers and didn’t look like the league’s best offense.
  • The Buccaneers should have beaten the Patriots if they had a mediocre kicker. Doug Martin’s return makes them a legit team. The Buccaneers defensive line put a beating on Tom Brady.